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Hi Guys,

I think that I have stayed away a little too long, but I have been so busy with school and trying to stay on top of everything at work also. I have really enjoyed reading your comments on my last post and I have been enjoying reading all of your blogs as well and I have been commenting when I can.

Well, this post I have decided to devote to my DAD! My dad is originally from London, England and yes he has an English accent. But the most important things about him tomorrow is that it will be his Birthday. My dad deserves to have a post written about him because he has not only been my dad, but he has been my biggest cheerleader, coach, and repair man. My dad has always been there and I have had him wrapped around my little finger since the day I was born.

Unfortunately, that father daughter relationship was challenged during the years when I was in and out of eating disorder treatment, but he always stayed by my side and supported me both financially and emotionally. If it were not for my AMAZING dad, there is no way that I could have gone to treatment. My dad made is possible for me to get better and he was at the treatment facility with me every chance he had.

So now, let me introduce you to my amazing father….

My dad in my opinion is amazing and I am so glad that I have the ability to call him my dad and also the chance to wish him a happy birthday.

Questions for you:

1. Do you have a close relationship with your dad?

2. Please tell me how your dad has changed your life for the better? If you are not close with your dad please tell me about your mom.

3. Please give me ideas of what to blog about that is NOT food related! (I am open to ANYTHING!) :)



27 Responses to “HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD”

  1. Aww, happy birthday to your dad!!

    I wasn’t close to either of my parents growing up, but my mom and I are close now. My dad and I don’t not get along now… it’s just difficult for the two of us to communicate.

    • Lindsay Says:

      I am sorry that you find it difficult to talk to your dad, but remember that he is your father and no matter what, I am sure that he cares and LOVES you!

  2. ah, i’m so glad you have such a great relationship with your dad!

    mine has developed really well over the past 10 years since i went off to college and started to grow up. he has bee na huge supporter when it comes to my ED and always helps me walk in the right direction!

  3. My parents and I have had a rocky relationship at times, but we all love and support each other VERY much, and that is what truly matters at the end of the day.

    Happy Belated B-day to your dad!!!


    • Lindsay Says:

      I too have had a rocky relationship with my parents at time, but I think everyone does. But now that I have grown and matured my parents and I can talk about most things.
      Thank You for the Birthday wishes for my dad!

  4. Happy birthday to your dad!

    My dad and I go in spurts of being close and not so close. Our relationship can be rocky, but I know that he loves me and he knows I love him.

    • Lindsay Says:

      I too have had a rocky relationship with my dad at times, but I try to remind myself that my dad loves me dearly and has done so much for me that I can be nothing but grateful!

      I also think that most children get close to their dads in regards to sports! :)

  5. Mekkie Says:

    I love this tribute to your dad! I’m partial though, because I can completely relate. My mother and I were always at odds but I could spend hours with my dad. There is a story in my family: he wanted a daughter so badly that, before anyone knew my mom was pregnant, he woke up in the middle of the night screaming, “it’s a girl! it’s a girl!” My dad rarely shows emotion but even he couldn’t hide his pain as I struggled through my disorder.

    You could write some more about your eating disorder, if you’re comfortable with that. Not only the food aspect, but all the other aspects as well. If your disorder was anything like mine, I’m sure it encompassed plenty of other things about your life.

    • Lindsay Says:

      Thank you for your sweet words. I might try to write more about my eating disorder I have written some, but I am sure that there is more I can write about!
      Thank You for your input! :)

  6. allieksmith Says:

    Happy Birthday to your papa! That is cool he has an accents and very cool you did a post for him :)

  7. littlehealthjunkie Says:

    omg your hair is SOOO cute in this! for realz:) Happy bday to your daddio:)

  8. Jessica Says:

    I know this is late but…It’s nice to read that you have a wonderful dad!

    I don’t really get on with mine but I’m so lucky to have a fabulous mother. She has taught me to be my own person, to stand up for myself and compassion. (As well as everything else! I owe her everything.)

    I always love to read about bloggers favourite books or what they are reading right now!!!

    Happy (very) belated birthday to your dad!

    Hope you are well!

    xxx Jessica

  9. hi lindsay! just popping in to let you know you WON the giveaway this morning :) email me to let me know the book of your choice! YAY!! and thank you again for entering.

  10. kimberley Says:

    Previous to my eating disorder I was very close to my mom. But since my ED my dad has always there for me and we developed a very close relationship. My dad always found ways to relate to things that were going on with me! That is one good thing that came out of my ED.

  11. Happy birthday to your Dad! My dad is the rock of the family. Always supportive and of course, the go-to fix-it man. We aren’t as close knit as some father-daughter relationships, but it works for us.

  12. Natalie Says:

    such a nice tribute to your dad!

  13. Happy birthday to your dad!

    This post was incredibly touching to me because I am so close to my dad as well. (By the way, thank you so much for your comment!) I kind of relate to your story because even though our health struggles differ, they have brought us closer to our fathers. I think challenges like that in our lives put a lot of pressure on those relationships, but they also prove to us how strong and powerful they can be as well. I don’t know what I would do without my dad!

  14. Errign Says:

    My dad & I are very close – I love hanging out with him! :)

  15. glidingcalm Says:

    So sweet!! Happy birthday to your Dad!!!

    Sounds like a pretty great dude! :)


  16. Tara Says:

    Happy Birthday to your papa!! He sounds so nice and supportive, even through the rough times. My dad is totally the same way, and even though my rough patches have put a strain on our relationship at times, he doesn’t let it hold him back from loving me unconditionally. He’s awesome!

  17. ittybitsofbalance Says:

    I found your blog on Run Eat Repeat and I’m glad I did!
    I’m not very close with my dad now, but he has definitely been there for me throughout the years :) Happy birthday to your dad!

  18. Ali Mc Says:

    awww cute dad post! I always love good relationships /w dads as mine is deceased. Nice blog

  19. fitwith3 Says:

    Aww :-) I’m not really superclose with either of my parents. I clashed with him when I was living at home, then I moved 1000 miles away and didn’t really see him for a few years. Then my parents divorced two years ago and both of them now act like teenagers :/ I’ve always been envious of people who have a good relationship with their parents!

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